Benny Bettane

I began my journey from Australia, and discovered the handpan early on. I’ve crossed continents and countries using my love and music to connect with people. This one and a half year journey has allowed me to develop my own … Continue reading

David Charrier

David Charrier is a french handpan player, who discovered the Hang and the Handpan in 2004. His passion for the study of these instruments, combined with his desire to create and experience great encounters have allowed him to travel and … Continue reading

Emma Mumi Grassia

Performer/Guest Teacher/Immersion Facilitator I was born in Milan, in a lovely family that gave me the chance to get closer to the music world since I was a child. I’ve started to play piano when I was five and I … Continue reading

Rusty James

Rusty James is a multi-instrumental percussionist with a broad spectrum of influences. Having studied in Florida State’s Ethnomusicology department for several years in the 90s’, he developed a unique blend of african, afro-cuban, and Indian rhythms.  Focusing predominately on congas, … Continue reading

Judith Lerner

Judith Lerner delights in exquisite exchange; whether harmonizing in musical improvisations, movement and rhythm sessions, or engaging in those goose bump generating conversations. Her world shifted on its axis when she happened upon a Handpan video on YouTube in August … Continue reading

Aaron Marsala

Aaron Marsala is a percussionist who fell in love with music from cultures all around the world. With Music Education/Performance degrees, he is now pursuing his Master’s in Music Performance with an emphasis on ethnomusicology. Aaron travels the world, seeks … Continue reading

Mz. imani

Mz. imani, who has been dubbed MamaMojo, is a ceremonial musician who instigates, as she facilitates, performs or teaches. She is a spiritual activist and a New WErld Alchemist. Having trained with many traditional and new world ceremonialists, Mz. imani … Continue reading

Chef D

Balancing the role as handpan player and chef, David Galleher, aka Chef D, is a connoisseur of handpans, good food, and getting lost in other countries. He has been the caterer for the past three Handpangea gatherings, as well as … Continue reading