Venue & Accomodations

The call came clear from the community to move towards a venue that has more on site accommodations, so we are going to a new location.
This years gathering will be held on a smaller property and the size of the gathering is smaller, yet we will have more on site beds available, and the venue is growing and should be able to host larger gatherings int eh future.

Sanctuary in the Pines is located in Flat Rock, NC and is a project started 30 years ago. It is a beautiful location that has a pond, inside common spaces, an outside amphitheater, a great kitchen and dining area, as well as a mix of private and shared cabin style beds, and room for about 40 tents. Here is a link to see the venue:

The entire campus is laid out like a lemnisgate (infinity symbol) with each side circular in nature. It is easily walked, as it is flat. While it may take 10-15 minutes to walk from farthest point to farthest point, it is easy ground to walk. Parts of the grounds can accommodate golf carts, if we determine that we need them.

There is a main housing building, near The Sanctuary, that houses 14 private rooms, each room has a sink, with shared bathrooms and showers.
The Sanctuary is a carpeted space that is beautiful and has nice acoustics:

There are cabins that surround the lake, with bath houses that are close to the cabins. And there are porches-LOT’s of porches.

There are some additional cottages that are available, that are on the adjoining property:

Here is the link:

Also nearby: Highland Lake Inn & Resort

More details coming soon…..
Mama Mojo